Cyber security campaign on mobile security

14 October 2022

As every year, the Centre for Cyber Security Belgium and the Cyber Security Coalition join forces for  cyber security month again this year with a cyber security awareness campaign. The theme this year is protecting your mobile devices.

Clicking OK is not always OK!

Almost everyone has a mobile device in his or her pocket nowadays. We use it for shopping, gaming, tracking packages, keeping in touch with our friends and colleagues... Without giving it much thought, we download all kinds of useful apps. We often do so without even checking who the app developer is and whether it can be trusted. This is not without risk. If you are not careful, you can install a virus just like that. Clicking OK is not always OK!

One of the most notable cyberattacks that hit ordinary internet users last year was the FluBot virus. That virus infected thousands of smartphones in no time because users carelessly downloaded an application. Mobile viruses are clearly on the rise. FluBot may have been the first, but will certainly not be the last such virus. So making people more aware of cyber security on their mobile devices is by no means superfluous.   

The campaign's message is therefore clear: Download apps only from official app shops and keep viruses out.

The campaign

The national campaign kicks off on 11 October and will be conducted through radio spots and videos on the social media, banners and other campaign materials. To spread it, the Centre for Cyber Security Belgium and the Cyber Security Coalition are counting on the enthusiasm of more than 500 organisations that directly or indirectly have something to do with cyber security.

About the Centre for Cyber Security Belgium

The Centre for Cyber Security Belgium (CCB) is the national authority for cyber security in Belgium. The CCB aims to supervise, coordinate and monitor the implementation of Belgium's cyber security strategy. Optimising the exchange of information can help the population, businesses, the government and vital sectors protect themselves properly. 

About Cyber Security Coalition

The "Cyber Security Coalition" brings together security specialists from governmental organizations, businesses and academia with a view to defending the government, businesses and citizens more effectively against cybercrime in Belgium. To this end, the Coalition counts on the exchange of experiences among members, as well as publications with advice for businesses and awareness campaigns to the general public. The Coalition will also advise the government and the business community in drafting and developing the necessary cyber security policies.

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