Cycle Friendly Employer Certificate

17 September 2020

DNS Belgium was recently rewarded for its efforts in the field of sustainable mobility. The Fietsersbond presented us with the ‘Cycle Friendly Employer Certificate’. The silver label is recognition for our efforts to encourage people to cycle to work and we are very happy with his recognition. But we are most of all proud of our employees who think about their own mobility and make their home-work commute sustainable.

Green mobility initiatives

The roads in Flanders are jamming up and the climate is going bonkers. At the same time, the number of company cars continues to go up year after year in Belgium. We want to be a pioneer in the field of sustainability. One of the ways we do this is by being CO2 neutral and mobility plays a key role in this.

On the one hand our ambitious Mobility Plan targets awareness and on the other hand specific actions to make our mobility more sustainable. 

Awareness about CO2 emissions

To motivate people, you first need to provide sufficient information. This is why we organised a general communication campaign about CO2 emissions and the climate action plan. We also calculated the individual scores in the field of consumption and CO2 emissions. 

Encourage cycling

We encourage our employees with a special cafeteria scheme to exchange their company car for a lease bicycle. Employees who cycle to work, receive a service contract for their bicycle and an allowance for the cycled kilometres. 

We also encourage visitors to cycle to our offices. For the trip between the station and our office they can request a blue bike voucher and rent a blue bike free of charge. 

Furthermore, we regularly take part in sustainability campaigns, such as the day of sustainable mobility, the Bike to Work Summer Challenge, the national applause day for cyclists, the Car Free Day, etc. 

Make homeworking possible

If possible, we let our employees work from home (in part). If you don't have to travel to go to the office, you don't emit any CO2 either. International conferences are attended remotely, if possible. 

Measures for less CO2 emissions

In addition to cycling and homeworking we try to limit our CO2 emissions in many other ways.  

  • In our lease car fleet, you will find sustainable models, which means diesel is not the only option.
  • We try to fly as little as possible and encourage travel by train.
  • We organised an eco-driving course for all employees.
  • Any remaining emissions are compensated by planting woods in Flanders and protecting tropical forests in the South.

All these campaigns for a greener mobility take us closer to our goal to be climate neutral or even climate positive. This recognition of the Fietsersbond is a sign that we are on the right track and is a motivation to keep going.

With this article, we support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.