For registrars

Extra step for revoke domain names with wrong or incomplete data

02 September 2022

Starting today, domain names with incorrect and/or incomplete registrant data will not be automatically revoked after 14 days. We add an extra step and remove the name server s which means that the domain name will temporarily not work anymore. This is to make clear to the domain name holder that he/she needs to take action to avoid the domain name ending up in quarantine.


  1. We notice that a domain name has incorrect or incomplete registrant details:
    • Mail to the registrant and to you as the registrar.
    • The registrant is given 14 days to amend his/her details.   
  2. After 7 days:  
    • Mail to you as registrar as a reminder that the name servers will be deleted within 7 days if the registrant does not take action.
  3. After 14 days  
    • If the data have not been updated, we remove the name servers so that the domain name will no longer work. => Mail to you as registrar
    • The registrant has another 14 days to react and amend his details.
    • If the registrant has modified his details and they are correct => send a mail to the registrant and the registrar to inform them that the domain name has been reactivated.  
  4. After a further 14 days  
    • Data still not updated? Then we revoke the domain name and put it in quarantine. => mail to you as registrar

Read more about revoking domain names and the corresponding notifications in our documentation so that you can follow up your customers properly.

If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to send an email to