Extra WHOIS changes after GDPR


Pursuant to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have been blocking the personal data of individual registrants since 25 May.  New:  As of 1 August, we no longer show the personal e-mail addresses of a company’s employees in our WHOIS tool.

Here is an overview of what we show or do not show today when you want to search for the holder of a certain domain name:

Changes for private domain names

If you are a private person with a domain name, we no longer show your data at all.

Changes for domain names in the name of a legal person

If your domain name is in the name of your organisation or company, we show the data of your organisation/company with the exception of the name field (contact person). If you are an employee/contact person of an organisation/company, we no longer show your personal e-mail address such as  forename.surname@organisation.be. The other contact details such as the address remain visible.


It is still possible to contact domain name holders (registrants)

To enable everyone to contact a holder, whose e-mail address we do not publish, we provide a  contact form . All you have to do to contact a holder is enter your contact details on this form and indicate the reason for your contact request. Once you have confirmed your e-mail address, an e-mail is automatically sent to the holder with your contact details.

This is currently possible for private registrants only, but the service will soon be extended to contact persons of an organisation or company. In concrete terms, such a person is often a technical or onsite contact (web designer or intermediary).  

.vlaanderen and  .brussels

For .vlaanderen and .brussels, we comply with the ICANN regulation.  When ICANN published its  “Temporary Specifications” , we proceeded to the following changes:

  • We continue to show only the name of the organisation, the country and state/province of registrants  
  • We provide a contact form that can be used to contact the registrant.

Read  about how we protected your privacy  pursuant to the GDPR and the measures we have taken since 25 May.




The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a non-profit organisation that is responsible worldwide for managing domain names.


Domain owner, person who holds a domain name.