First European ccTLD in the cloud


After several months of preparation, last Saturday was the big day: we moved the registration platform, on which our registrars register new .be domain names, to the cloud. A big step forward when it comes to security and efficiency. And the first of its kind in the European domain name world.

Saturday 11 February, we started at 9:00 moving the registration system for .be domain names. We expected the registration system to be unavailable for at least 8 hours. Which meant the availability of .be domain names couldn’t be checked. And .be domain names couldn’t be registered or changed. Nevertheless, all .be domain names remained active.

If, in the end, the migration went smoother than expected, it was largely thanks to the excellent preparation of the project and to the good cooperation between all teams. At the beginning of February we already moved the registrars’ test system, which is a system that provides all facets of our registration system as part of a test set-up.

  Final "go-no go" decision

Before opting for the cloud (AWS), we conducted a thorough analysis of the availability, services and security. Since AWS takes care of the hardware, connectivity etc., we can focus on the software. It will enable us to automise routine technical operations and describe all aspects of our platform in code. Besides, AWS offers a better protection against DDoS attacks and we will be able to scale the machines easier as needed, even for short periods of time and without high investments.  

In the domain name world, .be is the first European registry to have its registration system in the cloud.

A deserved glass after the successful migration


Organisation that handles the registration of domain names. A registry maintains the data base containing information about one (or more) domain name extension(s) as .be, .com, .org, .vlaanderen, etc.