For registrars

Initiatives for Ukraine

22 March 2022

Twenty-five days of war in Europe do not leave us unmoved. So we have put our heads together with a few registrars to see if we could do something for the people affected in Eastern Europe. Eventually we decided to take 2 actions.  

  • From DNS Belgium we guarantee that Eastern European registrants will not lose their .be domain name. Many people in that region have clearly been affected by the economic sanctions. We want to support them with this modest gesture: if a .be domain name is not renewed or paid for, a quarantine period of 1 year will start instead of the usual 40 days. In this way we protect about 2,000 .be domain names of registrants from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. We will soon be contacting the registrars who manage these specific domain names.


  • From Digital for Youth*, we are making €100,000 and 200 computers available for Ukrainian refugees who end up in Belgium. An estimated 100 to 200,000 refugees will arrive in Belgium in the coming days and weeks. Basic needs such as shelter and food are provided by the government. We want to do our bit and provide extra IT hardware. With a laptop they can stay in touch with family in Ukraine and take education or language courses in Belgium. 

Would you like to donate money or hardware yourself? You can do so at Digital for Youth or