Preventive measures for a stable zone file

11 June 2020

As from 10 June 2020 we will perform extra checks before we publish the zone file of the .be domain names. These automatic checks test the validity of DNSSEC data, among other things. In this way we are certain the zone is always complete and correct before it goes live. DNSSEC is being used more and more. That is why it is important these DNSSEC data always remain correct in the future too.  

For the .be domain names these checks take about 15 minutes. It's possible a checking process just started when we received your application, in which case the application will be included in the next checking process. In other words, it takes 30 minutes at most before your new .be-domain name or the change to an existing one will be visible on our public name servers. Please note: in the event of changes to an existing .be domain name you also need to take into account TTL before this change is visible to the end-user.  

We always build a new version of the zone file containing the last changes. We do this for the three domain name zones: .be, .vlaanderen and .brussels. The checking process for 1.6 million .be domain names takes longer than checking 7,000 .vlaanderen and .brussels domain names. This is why a new .vlaanderen or .brussels domain name or a change to an existing .vlaanderen and .brussels domain name will be visible within a minute already.  

The big advantage of this way of working is that we are always sure that the published zone file is correct, complete and validated, including DNSSEC validation.  


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