Registrant privacy reinforced

26 June 2023

From now on, we will no longer show a phone number in the registrant details. This is to guarantee the registrant's privacy.  

Using the search bar at the top, you can look up who registered a particular domain name.   

  • Is it a private person? Then you won't get any details anyway.   
  • Is the domain name holder an organisation or a company? If so, we did display the phone number until recently. To be fully compliant with GDPR regulations, we now omit that phone number. Strictly speaking, you don't need it to contact the registrant.  

If you want to contact the holder about his domain name, you can submit a request. Then click on the 'contact the domain name holder' button. We will then deliver the message to the holder. 

With this article, we support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.