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.be Registrant verification now also with Machine Learning

25 March 2024

From 27 March 2024, DNS Belgium will also use Machine Learning to detect potentially suspicious registrations as early as possible.    

Until today, our approach to registrant verification was rule-based. This is an automated process that selects domain names that meet a number of parameters. When a domain name is selected, the registrant has to prove his identity before the domain name enters the zone.  

Our Machine-Learning model that we additionally use from now on is called RegCheck. We are training this model with:   

  • withdrawn .be domain names (revokes)   
  • domain names that did not get into the zone because the registrant did not complete the verification procedure.    

We have tested RegCheck extensively over the past few months and hope to stop even more fraudulent registrations. This way, they do not get into the .be zone and therefore cannot cause any damage.   

Control by registrars   

Do you, as a registrar, want to verify your customers' contacts yourself so that the administrative burden for them is eliminated? Since October 2023, this is possible under strict conditions. Read more about this in the documentation. Contact if you want to test this.  

With this article, we support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.