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Relevant tips for pre-starters

10 July 2020

We have moved our content platform claimyouridea (only available in Dutch: claimjeidee and French : monidéeàmoi) to our own website From now on it can be found on:

Inspiration for pre-starters

We launched this content platform in 2016 to inspire people with a good idea and encourage them to register their domain name as soon as possible. We guide such people step by step in choosing a suitable company name and the corresponding domain name. We illustrate the steps with inspiring cases that show how to go about choosing a meaningful domain name for a great idea. In the near future, we will also be sending an e-mail to people who wish so for each step so as to guide them even better. Do you want to use this content on your own website to inspire customers? Feel free to refer to our website!

Checking for availability

A visitor can of course also check whether his or her desired domain name is still available. If it is, the user is directed to our registrar suggestion tool, where we show the logos of 6 registrars who registered for it.

Interested in appearing with your logo during a domain name search?

Then send an e-mail to with:

  • your logo in png or jpeg
  • this form with a brief description of your company
  • and a URL (per language) in which we can paste the domain name and the extension so that the end user can register his or her domain name with you immediately

The specific conditions that your description and URL have to meet are posted on our documentation page

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