A spotlight on women in IT

08 March 2023

At DNS Belgium, we don't let International Women's Day pass by quietly. Especially since women in our IT sector are still too often in the background. Despite initiatives such as 'She goes ICT', the number of women in the IT sector is still very low. Even at our organisation, we only count four women in our technical department, which consists of 20 people in total. But today we bring a hopeful and positive story.

30% of employees within IT are women. Within cybersecurity, the number is even lower, at 15-20%. As an industry, we really need more diversity.

Today we celebrate women and, in particular, women with a heart for science and IT. We introduce you to Laurie-Anne, Noémie and Dulce: a Data Protection Officer (DPO), science student and front-end developer.

One of the misconceptions of women in IT, is that the abstract way of thinking is more a male thing.

3 women about their drive in a man's world and the ambitions they cherish. They talk about why female representation is not only important but necessary. In this video, they do away with prejudices and testify about the advantages of working in IT. Because young women have nothing to lose: a job in IT is exciting and achievable for many, precisely because the sector offers so many options. Think of working as an analyst, developer, cybersecurity officer, policy maker, incident manager and so much more.  

The opportunities within the IT sector are insufficiently known and therefore unfortunately go unloved. At DNS Belgium we are keen to change this, because diversity in the workplace is essential for healthy teamwork and high-quality service.

People need to get away from the idea that technology and IT are boring, there are so many facets to it, that make them really captivating.

Tech-savvy people are always welcome for an introduction over a cup of coffee or tea. We are curious to hear your story, regardless of gender or ethnicity. Contact

With this article, we support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.