Summer inspiration for the perfect company name

25 July 2019

Having drinks outdoors, enjoying an ice cream on a sun-drenched day, strolling through atmospheric night markets, the great ambience at festivals, etc. As temperatures rise, the best summer bars and food trucks draw a lot of people. The secret of their success is not just the sun, but also an original concept, the right setting, a stylish surroundings and... a catchy company name. 

Food trucks, ice cream parlours and summer bars have some of the best company names. How about Nacho Bizness, café Camyon, Deli Lama and Kiosko: all names that stick and pretty much cover the load. If you're looking for an original company name, here are some guidelines and inspiring examples of summery concepts. 

Frivolous food trucks

A strong name is like the icing on the cake of a cool food truck concept. It makes sure people notice you and the public is intrigued. In addition, an original name promotes word-of-mouth advertising, because a good name sticks in people's memories and is talked about.

Strong food truck names 

  • clearly indicate exactly what they sell, such as The VolksWaffle,
  • make you laugh, such as Hamborghini,
  • are charming, such as Mamas and the Tapas,
  • arouse sympathy, such as Vietnamama,
  • contain clever plays of word, such as Mexellent.

Sunny summer bars

What's better than sitting outside on a hot summer afternoon sipping your favourite drink. This is why summer bars are so popular. Again, if the setting and the concept are great, a good company name completes the picture. 

Fun names for summer bars

  • roll off the tongue or sound intriguing, such as Café Kamyon or Baouzza beachbar
  • use the location, such as Apéro Château, a summer bar in the shadow of a charming castle
  • cover the load of the original concept, such as Kiosko, an Italian summer bar next to an abandoned kiosk along the Leie

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A strong company name helps you to expand your business. It is not always easy to find the perfect name. If you're lucky you find the perfect name immediately, others need more time to find a name that covers what they do. When you can say: “Eureka!”, you should sleep on it and ask feedback from friends, but don't wait too long to register your domain name. A company website is an important component of your brand, and it would be a shame if the perfect domain name has already been taken. Check here whether the name is still available, register your domain name and work on your online presence!

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