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Why opt for .brussels?

  • associate yourself with Brussels
    • a .brussels domain name makes it possible for a local merchant, for a local organisation or committee, for a real Brussels denizen, to be part of a local community
  • communicate locally
    • If your customers/interested parties are in Brussels, you can communicate in a very direct manner. Proximity inspires confidence.
    • Potential customers like to know with whom they do business, who to ask for advice, where they buy and from whom. A .brussels domain name inspires confidence for its connection to the city.
  • capitalise on the international character of Brussels
    • Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium and of Europe, but also a world city.
    • Everyone knows Brussels; capitalise on its winning assets for tourism and international focus – such assets as art, Brussels specialities, its rich history, a vibrant town, etc.
  • seize the opportunity to register a valuable, short .brussels domain name, the .be or .com variant of which has long been taken. A whole range of possibilities open up for you, including the most generic terms.
  • strengthen your online identity
    • Thanks to the arrival of the new extensions, you can opt deliberately for a specific extension so that your complete domain name reflects perfectly who you are and what you do. When you opt for an extension such as .brussels, you clearly underscore your domain which is in line with your identity, interest, business, brand, product, sector, customers or geographic location.
  • increase your chances of being found on the Internet
    • A clear and descriptive domain name, accompanied by a .brussels extension inspires confidence and can thus attract more visits (clicks) when your website appears in the search results. A higher number of visitors means greater popularity and can lead to a higher ranking in the search results.


How can you register a .brussels domain name?

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Who can you register a .brussels domain name with?

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