Why opt for .brussels?

There are all sorts of good reasons why you should opt for a .brussels domain name. .brussels is consequently the ideal domain name for domestic and foreign companies, organisations, governmental authorities, entrepreneurs and private individuals who want to be present online in Brussels.

International appeal

  • A .brussels domain name has international appeal. Brussels is the capital of Belgium and of Europe. Capitalise on the winning assets of Brussels to highlight the international nature of your brand or company through your domain name.

Connect with the Brussels community

  • With a .brussels domain name, you as a local merchant, organisation, committee or real Brussels denizen are part of the Brussels community, also online.
  • A .brussels domain name creates ties and feels close.  And proximity inspires confidence.  

Ideal for direct communication

  • With a .brussels domain name, you communicate very directly with local customers -- because .brussels is a pronounced local extension which comes over as very accessible for your Brussels customers.

Finally, the domain name you want

  • A .brussels domain name can be a good alternative when the .be domain name of your choice is no longer available.
  • A very wide range of possibilities opens up, and even the most general names are available again.

Bolster your online identity

  • With .brussels you can choose deliberately to have your full domain name reflect perfectly who you are and what you do, or what your brand stands for.


What can you do with a .brussels domain name?

  • With a .brussels domain name you reserve a place on the internet. And you alone determine what appears on that place. Nobody can take that web address away from you anymore. 
  • Registering a domain name does not mean that you have to start using a website at once.  You can postpone that till later.  
  • You can use the .brussels domain name for a personalised e-mail address.


Register your .brussels domain name today!

You can apply for a domain name in no time. Do it today to reserve your place on the internet. You can see rapidly on our homepage whether the domain name of your choice is still available.

These pioneers registered their .brussels domain name and are rightfully proud of having done so. Have a look to draw inspiration.


Is your .brussels domain name no longer available?

No need to fret if the .brussels domain name of your choice is no longer available. With a little creativity, you can come up with countless sumptuous names that are still available. If you need some help to devise a strong domain name, you can find it on our website and on www.claimjeidee.be 

There are naturally other valuable extensions in addition to .brussels:

  • .be
    • For companies, organisations, governmental authorities that are or want to be active on the Belgian market, a .be domain name is still the reference.
    • More information on .be
  • .vlaanderen
    • For Flemish companies, organisations, governmental authorities or individuals who want to establish a strong local identity.
    • More information on .vlaanderen





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