Register your domain name

Why you should register your domain name  

Computers communicate with each other via IP addresses (e.g., which are comparable to telephone numbers. When you link a domain name to an IP address, you make sure that your website is easy to find. It is much easier to remember ‘thisisme’ than 

You can use a ‘thisisme’ domain name  

  • as the location of a website  ( 
  • as part of a personalized email address (

Both private individuals and businesses are allowed to register a domain name. Each domain name is unique and may be registered only once.  If the name of your choice is already taken, you will need to look for a different name (unless you can demonstrate a legal entitlement to that particular name).  

Domain names must also meet a number of technical requirements.   

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How to register a domain name 

You can register a domain name only through  registrars. These are companies authorized to register domain names for companies, institutions or persons. In addition to registering web addresses, a registrar also provides other services such as hosting, web design, etc. 

Find a registrar

  • Once you have chosen a  registrar,  you can register your domain name in a number of easy steps. 
  • Registering a domain name does not mean that you have a website yet. For that, you will still have to do a couple of more things.

Register your domain name in 4 steps