Register your domain name in 4 steps

Step 1 - choose a good domain name  

A domain name must be unique. Check below whether a certain name is still available.   

Please note that domain names must meet a number of technical requirements

Step 2 - choose a registrar   

As soon as you have chosen a domain name that is still available, you can register it with a registrar of your choice. Consult the list of registrars for .be, .vlaanderen and .brussels domain names.

Step 3 - register your domain name   

Enter your details to apply for your domain name. Make sure all the details are entered correctly: your own name or the name of your organisation as registrant . A valid e-mail address is extremely important so that we can contact you concerning your domain name!

The registrar whom you have chosen must apprise you of the terms and conditions for the registration of your domain name. If it has not done so, you can  consult them here for .be  and  here for  .vlaanderen and .brussels.

Step 4 - DNS Belgium registers and activates your domain name automatically  

Your registrar provides us the details for your domain name. We register the domain name automatically for one year. The registrar receives a confirmation of the registration.  

Newly registered domain names are activated within 30 minutes.