Victim of cybercrime: this is what you can do

Act in case of abuse on the internet  

You can contact the FPS Economy for any complaint regarding online commercial practices

For example: 

  • Your consumer rights have been infringed during an internet purchase or sale. 
  • A dishonest online shop where you paid for products you never received. 
  • Brand, shop or product spam and fraud. 

You should go to the police if you are a victim of non-commercial online fraud.

This could be phishing , hacking, identity theft, etc. The police pursue the case and when an investigation is necessary, the RCCU or FCCU will do so. These are the regional and federal computer crime units. 

Can DNS Belgium do something? 

Unfortunately, no. Only the official bodies listed above are authorised to handle complaints about cybercrime. Although we guarantee the security of the .be zone, we are not authorised to take complaints about the provision of IT services. This includes: hosting , Internet access, website development, etc.), billing for these services, complaints about spam, phishing, hacking, illegal business practices and fraud or attempted fraud via websites. 

Watch out for phishing