Verification status

Registrant verification

DNS Belgium aims to verify the holder details of all .be domain names. You can find the verification status at each .be domain name:  

Not verified  

We have not yet verified the registrant details for this domain name, as they appear correct to us. If the registrant later registers a new domain name with the same details, it is possible that we will verify the details.   


The registrant data of the domain name seem incomplete or possibly incorrect to us. Are you the domain name holder? We asked you to prove your identity. In the meantime, we have given the domain name the status 'in progress'. It is also possible that you have several domain names that are pending if you registered them with the same contact details.  


The registrant information is verified and correct for this domain name and possibly for other domain names registered at the same time.   

Why these checks?

Fraudulent registrations often contain false or incomplete data. If we remove these in advance, we avoid such a domain name being used to harm other internet users.

How can you correct your domain name?  

Read here what you can do to verify your data.