Activate your domain name? Verify your data first

You are now on a page of DNS Belgium. DNS Belgium manages all .be domain names.

We check the holder/registrant data of your .be domain name

How does it work?

  • We checked the registrant details of your domain name during registration. We currently lack essential information. Therefore, your domain name has not yet been activated.
  • We've sent your registrar and yourself an email, asking for an additional document which confirms and/or updates your data where necessary.

What must you do?

  • Mail a document that shows that the registrant data are correct to
  • Check if your registration data match the data in the document you are mailing to us. If this is not the case, ask your registrar to update your registration data.  

Attention: you can render illegible any information that is not relevant to us. Only the data you provided when you registered your domain name are of interest to us.

Documents sent?

  • Our Support department evaluates the documents
  • Are your documents sufficient? We activate your domain name within 5 working days.
  • Do the documents not provide sufficient proof that the registrant data are correct? The Support department requests more information. Your domain name remains registered but it cannot be used yet.
  • You didn't send us the necessary documents? Your domain name remains registered but it cannot be used yet.

Why are we doing extra checks?

  • To stop potentially fraudulent registrations. These domain names often contain false data.
  • To prevent such a domain name from becoming active and causing damage before we can intervene with our current possibilities.


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