Activate your domain name? Verify your data first

You are now on a page of DNS Belgium. DNS Belgium manages all .be domain names.

Go through online verification or send us a document proving your data 

  • We checked the holder data of your domain name during registration. At the moment we still lack essential information, which is why your domain name has not yet been activated.
  • Both you and your registrar have received an e-mail from us asking you to confirm your identity. 

Verify your data online:

We compare the domain name data with your identity. To do this, a third party reads your passport, driving licence or identity card:

  • itsme or eID for domain name holders with an official address in Belgium
  • via iDIN for Dutch registrants
  • Onfido for all other domain name holders

If necessary, watch the instruction video first. 

Fill in your domain name here:

Is your verification successful? Then your domain name is active after 1 hour.


If online verification is not successful:

  • Mail us a document that confirms your identity.
  • Attention: it is important to use correct identity information when registering your domain name. They should correspond to the details in the document you want to send us. Is that not the case? Ask your registrar to update your  registrant  details. 
  • You can render illegible any information that is not relevant to us. Only the details you gave when you registered your domain name are relevant to us.

What happens after you send us your documents?

=> Our support service evaluates the documents.  

Do your supporting documents confirm your identity? 

=> Then we will activate your domain name within 5 working days.  

Are the documents insufficient proof that the registrant data is correct? 

=> Our support service will ask for additional information. Your domain name remains registered but is not yet usable.  

You did not provide us with the necessary documents? 

=> Your domain name remains registered but is not yet usable. 

Why do we do these checks? 

  • To stop potentially fraudulent registrations. These domain names often contain false data.
  • To prevent such a domain name from becoming active and causing damage before we can intervene.


Instructional video for online verification   

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