More info on the transfer code

The transfer code is the code you need to transfer your domain name from one registrar to the other or in order to transfer your domain name to another registrant.  

The transfer code consists of 5 times 3 numbers separated by a hyphen.  

For .be you can request that code with any registrar or directly with us using the box below.  

The registration system of DNS Belgium sends your code by e-mail. You provide that transfer code to your new registrar if you want to change registrar, or to your current registrar with a request to transfer your domain name to another holder.   

The transfer code received is valid for 7 days. If you request the code again within those 7 days, the period of validity is extended by 7 days. You can request the code only 4 times in a row. If the code is requested a fifth time, an error message will appear and you will temporarily not be able to ask for a transfer code. If the transfer code can no longer be requested you can contact the DNS Belgium support team via DNS Belgium can still provide the transfer code.