Monitored update

When the company name (for companies) or the name (for private domain names) changes without transfer to another registrant , you can request a ‘monitored update’  from your registrar. The registrar can then update the requested fields himself. 

The update can only be carried out after DNS Belgium has checked or authorized it, if necessary on the basis of an extract from the Belgisch Staatsblad [Belgian Official Gazette], a copy of the identity card, etc. 

The transaction is particularly cost-effective if several domain names are linked with the same registrant (and thus the same contract). All domain names can then be updated at one go at minimal cost. 

How is a monitored update carried out? 

The registrar requests a monitored update by e-mail from DNS Belgium and sends in the necessary official documents. DNS Belgium checks whether a monitored update is possible. If the monitored update is possible on the basis of the documents submitted, DNS Belgium gives the registrar its consent to change the name of the company or person.  As soon as the registrar has carried out the update, DNS Belgium will check the adaptation and if the update is in line with what has been requested, we will approve the monitored update and adapt the details in our database.