Complaints about a registrar

DNS Belgium does not have the right to check or to sanction the agreement concluded by and between the registrar and the domain name holder.  

We can investigate complaints about registrars only in the case of a violation of the registrar agreement, i.e. the agreement between us and the registrars. If the complaint is admissible, justified and serious, we will serve notice to the registrar involved to comply with his contractual obligations.   

DNS Belgium does not intervene in the following cases  

  • you have a dispute with your registrar about the invoicing of his services  
  • you have a dispute with your registrar about one or more domain names with an extension other than .be, .brussels or .vlaanderen 
  • you feel that you are not getting sufficient support from your registrar or that he does not have a well structured helpdesk 
  • you have a dispute with your registrar about services other than the registration or the pure management of the domain name, e.g. hosting your website, creating a website, the link between domain name and website, setting up and connecting mailboxes, etc.  
  • you have a conflict with your hosting partner, but he is not a registrar himself but an intermediary between you and the actual registrar

DNS Belgium does intervene in the following situations 

  • your registrar provided his own details instead of yours during the registration, so according to our database you are not the registrant of your domain name 
  • your registrar provided his own e-mail address during the registration, not yours  
  • your registrar has carried out an operation as a result of which your domain name suddenly belongs to someone else  
  • your registrar did not apprise you the terms and conditions of DNS Belgium for acceptance  

What should you do  

Send us your complaint through our contact form. Your complaint will be examined by our legal department and we will inform you about what action we can then take.