Digital Wallonia launches large-scale cybersecurity campaign

15 September 2023

Digital Wallonia is launching a large-scale campaign to promote cybersecurity in Wallonia. The campaign aims to make people and companies aware of their safety online and increase cybersecurity knowledge. But it also aims to promote Wallonia as a region with great expertise in the field.

Awareness and training

With an extensive social media campaign in four languages and on the websites and, Digital Wallonia informs citizens, businesses and government institutions about cybersecurity and best practices.

The slogan "A simple click can become a major clack" calls on people not to share, click or download data indiscriminately.

A 'Cyber-Score' tool for young people, informative and fun events such as CyberNight and Capture The Flag (a cybersecurity competition) as well as a train-the-trainer programme for organisations are also included in the campaign.

With the train-the-trainer programme, Digital Wallonia aims to increase the number of people in Wallonia trained in cybersecurity.

Innovation and internationalisation

Digital Wallonia and ISS Cyberwal also intend to set up new research projects on cybersecurity in collaboration with Walloon companies. These should respond to real challenges faced by companies and ultimately increase Wallonia's competitiveness. A real Factory should present the results of that research to the general public.

Wallonia sees it big and has great international ambitions. In the future, it wants to play an active role in European cybersecurity projects, e.g. participating in the International Cybersecurity Forum, the Diana Initiative, Quantum...

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