DNS Belgium is SDG Ambassador

19 October 2023

On 26 October 2023, the Day on Corporate Sustainability, DNS Belgium will be awarded the title of SDG Ambassador by UNITAR/Cifal Flanders. Naturally we're very proud of this great recognition. For us, it's the ultimate crowning achievement of the many efforts we've made as a team over the past six years.

‘This ambassadorship underlines our continuous efforts to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations,’ says Arnaud Recko, sustainability coordinator at DNS Belgium. ‘As one of the first in Belgium to hold this title, we take our role as showcase for sustainability seriously.’

rnaud Recko, sustainability coordinator at DNS Belgium. (c) Mathieu Wouters

Pioneer, Champion, Ambassador

Since first receiving the Voka Sustainable Business Charter (VCDO) in 2017, DNS Belgium was successively Climate ambassador for Vlaams-Brabant, SDG Pioneer, SDG Champion and now also SDG Ambassador. It means that over all those years we've adopted sustainability measures and achieved certain sustainability goals that are coupled to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations.

To earn the title of SDG Ambassador you have to receive the Voka Sustainable Business Charter (VCDO) six times, among other things. We did so six years in a row. An SDG Ambassador must also make efforts in due diligence, human rights, reporting and carbon reduction. The sustainability policy must also be embedded in an organisation's operations and an organisation must be able to demonstrate social impact and leadership in the field of sustainability.

‘DNS Belgium is a showcase and example for organisations who also want to focus on sustainability.’

Social impact and leadership

The latter is less straightforward than, for example, reducing and offsetting carbon emissions. But an initiative such as Digital for Youth obviously has a major social impact. At the same time we try to play an exemplary role in our sector by involving stakeholders in our sustainability policy by communicating with the general public and in sector organisations.

‘Companies like DNS Belgium are leading the way for their industry colleagues,’ says Kris Claes, Managing Director of Voka - COC Vlaams-Brabant. ‘The name of Ambassador is given for a reason, they're a showcase and an example for entrepreneurs who also want to focus on sustainability. Sustainable entrepreneurship is becoming more and more evident, but companies also need support. We're very proud that Voka - COC Vlaams-Brabant was able to offer the right guidance and help DNS Belgium to become the first SDG Ambassador in Belgium.’

A target but not an end point

The title of SDG Ambassador has been a target since our first sustainability measures in 2016. But that doesn't mean it's an end point. The bar has been raised when it comes to sustainability and we'll continue to take initiatives to do even better and be even more of a role model for other organisations. ‘We look forward to continuing our efforts and sharing our example with others in our industry,’ concludes Arnaud.

In the press...

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With this article we support the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.