Podcast digital inclusion

13 May 2022

The Cyber Security Coalition recently devoted a podcast to digital inclusion. Our sustainability coordinator Arnaud Recko was one of the guests. Together with Christine Copers, innovation manager at the FPS Policy and Support, and Linde Verheyen, director Public Affairs at BNP Paribas Fortis and co-founder of DigitAll. Arnaud explained how the digitalisation of our society also increases the risk of digital exclusion.

In the podcast, Arnaud explains that no less than 40 percent of Belgians might be excluded from the digital society because they do not have access to the Internet or they do not have the necessary digital skills. This is unacceptable. And that is exactly the reason why both the government and the private sector are taking a lot of initiatives.

In the podcast, the three speakers outline the situation regarding digitisation and discuss the risks and the initiatives to promote digital inclusion in our country. They pay special attention to cybersecurity and digital rights. Because digitisation must go hand in hand with knowledge and awareness about a safe use of the internet.

Listen to the podcast:

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