Most frequently asked questions on registrant verification

04 April 2023

Two years ago, we launched a way to combat domain name scams. When you register a new domain name, we ask you to confirm your identity. Sometimes domain name registrants run into some difficulties or have questions during the verification process. We selected the most frequently asked questions.  

I have been selected for verification and notice that my details are wrong or incomplete. How and where can I change them? 

First go to the customer portal of your registrar or hosting partner. Usually you can easily change your personal data yourself here. If the client portal does not allow this, contact your registrar or hosting partner and ask them to do it for you.  

Does your registrar or hosting partner not offer this option? Then you will have to change the details through a transfer, for which you will need a transfer code. Apply for it below.

Give this code together with the correct details to your registrar or hosting partner and ask them to change the details accordingly. 

My hosting partner or registrar has updated my details, but the changes are not visible. How come? 

It is normal that the update of your data is not immediately visible. If you still cannot see any difference after 24 hours, your registrar probably updated the details in its own database and not in our .be database. It is important that your details are also correct and complete in our database. That is your registrar's job. Contact him, give him the registration certificate and ask him to update the details in the correct database.  

What happens in registrant verification?  

If a registrant's details are incomplete or incorrect, the domain name will not be activated. We send you an e-mail asking to confirm the registrant's identity online (via Itsme, eID, IDIN or Onfido). Not successful with one of these parties? You can also upload your documents on the same page. Our support service will then compare the data manually, which means it will take longer before your domain name is active (max 5 working days).

Registrant verification: a tool against online fraud 

People with malicious intentions usually do not want to pass on their personal details. So they use incomplete or incorrect details, or even someone else’s details. We stop fraudsters by verifying personal details of registrants. If you have been scammed online, the police or the FPS Economy can then trace who is behind it more easily. 

Do you have a problem or is something unclear? Contact us at Always indicate which domain name is involved, so we can help you more quickly. 

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