The Procedure Act of 26 June 2003

In 2003, the Belgian legislator decided to fight cyber- and  typosquatting  crime by enacting the Act of 26 June 2003 (Belgisch Staatsblad [Belgian Official Gazette] of 9 September 2003) (now enshrined as Article XII.22 of the Code of Economic Law). 

This act applies to:  

  • All .be domain names  
  • All domain name holders who have their place of residence or establishment in Belgium

The Act differs essentially from the scope of application of the ADR procedure. Domain names from generic domains  (such as  .com, .org, .net, .vlaanderen, .brussels, .club) and from domains with country codes (such as  .nl, .fr, .de) fall under the act, but only if the holder has his/her/its place of residence or establishment in Belgium.  

The procedure is initiated and processed as a claim in interlocutory proceedings before the president of the court of first instance or the commercial court.