How can you contact us?


Our support team can be reached for general information and support.

.be registrar forum

  • The registrar forum is a gathering of registrars with which DNS Belgium meets three times a year to discuss a whole range of topics. In 2019, we formed a mainly new team. Find out how the forum is composed.
  • Even if you are not a member of the forum, you can still suggest topics for the agenda. To do so, contact or talk to one of our members.

Survey Panel

  • The survey panel is made up of registrars who, from time to time, are prepared to answer a few questions via an online survey and by doing so they can express their views and opinions. These questions might be about .be or the gTLDs and cover all sorts of topics: new features, technical improvements, opening times, promotions, marketing campaigns.
  • We contact these registrars a maximum of 3 or 4 times a year.

Visiting registrars

  • We pay visits to registrars in Belgium and our neighbouring countries.

Industry events

  • We attend industry events.
  • If you also attend these events and would like to make an appointment with our Business Development Manager, please contact Lut Goedhuys.


  • Bereas, or the Belgian Registrars Association, represents and protects registrars worldwide who purchase Belgian domain names, such as .be, .vlaanderen, .brussels
  • Bereas is a member of the non-profit DNS Belgium organisation in which they represent .be-registrars with Bart Mortelmans on the policy committee and at the general assemblee. 
  • Want to become a member? Join on the Bereas website.