Transfer portfolio


When you want to transfer part or all of your portfolio of .be domain names to another registrar, a bulk transfer can be done by DNS Belgium. With a bulk transfer, not every individual domain name holder is required to provide specific permission.

You will need to provide us with a number of documents:

  • a letter of notification in which the party taking over the domain names needs to be mentioned
  • a copy of the transfer agreement between the parties. Commercially sensitive information can be left out.
    • you can find an example of a transfer agreement here:
  • a copy of the document sent out to domain name holders:
    • informing them about the new situation
    • informing them that the procedure is free of charge
    • informing them that the renewal date of their domain name stays unchanged
    • mentioning that they can choose a different registrar if they want to (in this case the transfer will not be free of charge)
  • a list of the domain names to be transferred if it is a partial transfer (pdf and excel)
  • the technical and billing contact of the registrar who is taking over the portfolio (partial or full)
  • bank account details of any registrar wishing to cease business and who still has a positive prepayment account balance so that DNS Belgium can refund the remaining balance on the account (this is only in case of a full bulk transfer)

A from 1 June 2020, the cost per domain name will depend on the amount of domain names you wish to transfer:

  • €500: minimum cost, and up to 2000 domain names
  • €1000: from 2000 to 5000 domain names
  • €1500: more than 5000 domain names

Which of the two parties pays these charges to DNS Belgium needs to be specified in the transfer agreement.

.brussels & .vlaanderen

A bulk transfer (or takeover) of all the domain names from one registrar to another registrar can occur when a registrar loses its ICANN accreditation or as a result of an acquisition of another registrar. 

ICANN has formulated the following preconditions before initiating a bulk transfer:

  • The gaining registrar must always be ICANN accredited.
  • The gaining registrar must have a registry -registrar agreement with DNS Belgium.
  • ICANN must certify in writing to DNS Belgium that the bulk transfer is in the interest of the community.

If these preconditions are met, we will initiate the bulk transfer procedure. If more than 50,000 registrations are concerned, DNS Belgium will charge the gaining registrar and charge a one-time flat fee of $ 50,000. There is no option foreseen for a partial bulk transfer. 

For ICANN information about a bulk transfer, please read chapter B. "ICANN-approved transfers" on the ICANN website.