.be Registrar Forum

The .be registrar forum was set up some years ago on the initiative of DNS Belgium. It now consists of 15 .be registrars who put themselves forward as candidates and who were selected by DNS Belgium to be as representative as possible of the registrar community as a whole.

The main aim is to try out our ideas on the forum members: we present and explain innovations or new developments in relation to the registration platform for .be domain names to the forum while they are still at an early stage. The members of the registrar forum are also given the opportunity to present topics of their own that they would like to discuss. Registrars who are not members of the forum can also present topics through these fifteen representatives or via DNS Belgium.

The registrar forum also has the right to nominate one of its members as representative for the .be Strategic Committee. This enables the forum to have a seat on the board. The strategic committee includes advisers with special expertise in specific areas.

In May 2013, DNS Belgium assembled a number of internal policies and procedures that were approved by the registrars. Among other things, these policies and procedures state that a mandate is granted for an initial, but renewable, period of three years. This mandate is automatically renewable once with the consent of the other members. After two successive terms of three years, the mandate is opened up and members are required to put themselves up for re-election if they wish to renew their mandate. The policies and procedures also define how absences from forum meetings are dealt with.

As soon as mandates become available, we send out an e-mail to all .be registrars to invite them to commit to the forum.

We draw up a detailed report of each meeting, which is then distributed to all .be registrars.