Maintenance calendar

We regularly perform maintenance of our registration system, so our services are sometimes temporarily unavailable. We always try to announce this kind of interruptions in time so that registrars can adjust their planning accordingly and inform their customers. Interruptions longer than 5 minutes are also announced to the registrars via e-mail and interruptions shorter than 5 minutes via Twitter.

Below is a calendar with all our maintenance updates, to inform our registrars. Use this link to integrate the information into your own agenda. You can click on the 'event' to see more information. This is the information you also receive via e-mail.

To clarify:

  • [INFO]: informational message for which we do not expect downtime on production services
  • [GLITCHES]: production services mostly available. We only expect short interruptions or broken connections.
  • [SHORT_DOWNTIME]: production services not available for short periods of time (no more than 5 minutes)
  • [LONG_DOWNTIME]: production services are not available for extended periods of time (certainly more than 5 minutes)