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Follow-up domain names after contract termination modified

08 May 2020

When the contract with a registrar ends, for whatever reason, we always try to find a gaining registrar for the domain names in the portfolio. If this is not possible we temporarily move these domain names to the DNS Belgium account. We subsequently contact the holders and ask them to find a new registrar for their domain name/domain names as soon as possible.

To date, these domain names have remained registered for several months after the expiration date.

We have shortened this period somewhat now:

  • After termination of the contract with the registrar we notify the domain name holder and advise him/her to move his/her domain name to another registrar as soon as possible. This can be done at the standard rate for a transfer.
  • 2 months before his/her domain name expires we contact the domain name holder again and warn him/her that the domain name will be “out of service” shortly after the expiration date.
  • At the end of the month in which the domain name expires, we remove this domain name from the domain name zone. In other words, as of then the domain name will no longer work. The domain name holder has 2 months to move the domain name. This can be done at the standard rate for a transfer.
  • After these 2 months the domain name is released.

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