For registrars

Changes to the annex of the registrar agreement

27 April 2020

We recently made 2 changes to annex 1 of the registrar agreement. This annex contains the prices for the different services we provide. These changes come into force 30 days after we announced them, i.e. on 1 June. You don't need to take any action. Specifically we made the following changes:  

Item 3

This item specifies the fee we charge for a bulk transfer of domain names at the registrar's request. We simplified this fee. The cost price per domain name depends on the number of domain names you want to transfer

  • € 500: minimum amount, up to 2,000 domain names
  • € 1,000: from 2,000 to 5,000 domain names
  • € 1,500: more than 5,000 domain names

In other words, this does not concern the transfer of an individual domain name at the domain name holder's request. This only refers to a full or partial take-over of the portfolio between registrars . More information about this procedure is available on our website.  

Item 8

This item concerns the new Domain Shield service we provide free of charge. More information about this service is also available on our website. Any questions or issues? Please get in touch with