Services for registrars

DNS Belgium developed a registration system for registering and managing .be, .brussels and .vlaanderen domain names. Registrars that have concluded a contract with us can use the registration system with its central database.

The registration system can be accessed in two ways: through a web interface and through EPP. We also offer a test version to enable you to test all the functionalities.

Web interface

Our web interface gives you access to the DNS Belgium database to create, update or delete a domain name, to change the details of your own profile etc. Each registrar has access to the registrar web interface: one account for the production system and two accounts for the test system.


EPP is an international standard for registering domain names. The EPP interface allows you to automatically synchronise your registration platform with ours. E.g. a new registration requested on your website is transmitted to us immediately, the result promptly returns and you can immediately notify your customer. All changes to .be domain names will be visible after up to 30 minutes. Of course, some knowledge of EPP and SSL is required. Building the EPP registration platform is the task of the registrar.

Tasks of a registrar

The registrar stands in between the registry (DNS Belgium) and the registrant or end user. You register domain names on behalf of your customers and also manage them afterwards. Domain name holders contact you for the following transactions of their domain names:

  • Registration
  • Update of the details linked tot he domain name, such as name, address, email address, name servers etc.
  • Lock/unlock of the domain name
  • Transfer to a new registrar or a new registrant
  • Deletion
  • Undo deletion
  • Reactivation of a deleted domain name

These services are optional: